Please make sure your coggins is current and that you have a copy with you while riding on the PRPOA amenities.

You may still submit a copy to the office for the file.


The main area was painted and is pending rock placement around the edge for drainage. Weeds have been sprayed in all arenas.

Trail maintenance will occur on Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th as follows: Thursday trail crossing 33 & 34 and the white trail will receive maintenance. On Friday the access trails off the red trail and between the start of the red and blue where they meet. And the large crossing at #16 will be maintained.

 The crossing sign posts have been refurbished and painted, new signs are on order as well as the scrolls to hold the signs.

The main arena complex safety fence plan was approved by the BOD; RFP will be sent out to vendors and their bids will be submitted to the Board for approval. 

In all arenas  please clean up after your horse, we have placed a bucket and pitchfork to do so. You have cross ties to hold your horse during the time of clean up, clean up consists of removing manure as well as dumping the manure bucket at the manure pit located between the barn and community center. Clean up will help keep the arena in good repair for much longer. In additon, when using jumps in any of the non jump arenas, please return jumps back to where they came from. We appreciate your assistance….

Please report downed trees or washouts to the office 352-746-0899.

The barn has openings; Diane Plath is Barn Manager…

All those who do not have a horse in the facility and wish see it, please contact the office at 352-74-0899 to schedule a tour.


Pine Ridge Equestrian Information

Welcome to the Pine Ridge equestrian webpage. This webpage has information as it relates to horse ownership in Pine Ridge Estates. We hope that you find this information helpful. If you wish e-mail notification of trail or arena closures, please make sure the PRPOA staff has your current e-mail address.

A copy of your horses’ negative coggins must be filed at the PRPOA office yearly. This is a requirement to use the equestrian amenities.


  • The Stable can accommodate 17 horses. The stable has a feed room, tack rooms, office, and hay storage. There is a lounge with a kitchen above the stable, which will accommodate 40 people.
  • The Main Arena measures 300′ X 115′ and is used for everyday schooling, drill team practice, and charity horse shows.
  • The Dressage Arena is a separate 20 X 40 meter arena with dressage rail and lettered cones for schooling and lower levels of performance.
  • The Trail Arena is 200′ X 90′ and is equipped with ground obstacles, including a bridge, gate, mailbox, and barrels.
  • The Jump Arena is 100′ X 200′ and is equipped with a full set of jumps and cross rails.
  • The Cross Country Course winds through the woods and has many different jumps and obstacles.
  • The Pleasure Trails are about 27 miles of interconnecting trails, which wind through Pine Ridge. You will find an abundance of wildlife and some areas of virgin woodlands while riding these trails.
  • The Round Pen is 50′ in diameter.

Pine Ridge Office- 352-746-0899


PRPOA Trail Crossing Numbers & Map

Equestrian Emergency and Footing Procedures

Emergency evacuation – 

Creating pastures and maintaining them –

 Weed control & a fertilizing schedule – Citrus County Co-operative Extension Office – #726-2141

 Information on equine  and equine related issues in Florida –


Tick Warning


Please visit the beautiful facility, we currently have seven openings.

Contact Gail Denny at P.R.P.O.A. for more information or call the office at  352-746-0899.

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