Happy Winter everyone!

Your Civic Association will continue to host dinner and Bingo once a month and games nights every Friday.

All Pine Ridge residents and their guests are welcome to join any of our events.

On February 11, 2019 at 7 pm  Civic Association meeting. 

Well that was timely. In October we had Lt Chris Evan, Citrus County Sheriff’s Emergency Management Deputy Director speak on Monday just as Hurricane Michael was heading up the Gulf.  The big take-aways from Lt Evan’s presentation on preparation for hurricane season are:

* Keep your pantry stocked to sustain your household for a full week.
* Plan evacuation routes based on each unique storm;  escaping Hurricane Irma path required hundreds of miles of travel, while Hurricane Michael’s threat to our area was mainly to the low-lying areas.
* Pre-register with Emergency Management’s special needs program (352-746-6555) and inform yourself which shelters can accommodate special needs or pets.
* Once winds reach 45 MPH, emergency response services cease.
* Keep informed of all critical information via Alert Citrus.  Register at www.sheriffcitrus.org by clicking on the Alert Citrus icon halfway down the page.

Our next Adopt-A-Highway TBD —pickup will be . Let’s meet at the Community Center at 8AM and help keep Pine Ridge beautiful.

Bingo dates are: February 16, 2019  $5 for dinner (rotating menu of chicken, pizza, and hot dogs with fix’ns) and $5 for 5 rounds of Bingo. Dinner at 6:00, or if you want to come just for Bingo, come at 6:30.

Games night is every Friday at 7.

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