Fellow Owner’s and Neighbors:

We, the PRPOA Board are writing to express our belief that the extension of the Suncoast 2 Highway from CR44 to CR 486 as currently proposed by the Florida Turnpike Enterprize (FTE) poses a serious safety concern to the residents of our community. So a few of our Board members will be speaking at the Board of Citrus County Commissioners meeting on December 4th starting at 1pm.  We would like our Pine Ridge community members to join us and speak to the commissioners and let them know that we want them to let the Florida Turnpike Enterprise know that they do NOT want the Suncoast 2 Highway 486 exit directly across from Pine Ridge Blvd for it will dramatically change our community for the worse!

Specifically, the current FTE plan will put a highway exit directly across from our Pine Ridge Blvd community entrance on CR 486 thereby generating increased traffic and noise on an already heavily traveled roadway in the county. Speeding on Pine Ridge Blvd is already a safety concern, and this exit surely will exacerbate it. Our community sign has been replaced twice within the past seven months due to reckless motorists crashing into it at this same entrance.  More concerning is that equestrian safety will be jeopardized as our horse trails cross Pine Ridge Blvd in six areas as well as Mustang Blvd, another major thoroughfare sure to see increased traffic resulting from the poor placement of this exit. Traffic going to Ocala and I-75 could exit straight onto Pine Ridge Blvd, the main, two-lane, double-lined road passing through our Community!

Please join us on December 4th

Place and time:

Jim Tucker, PRPOA Board Director

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