“The PRPOA Board has approved the Facilities committee report on the cost of privatization of the Pine Ridge Estate roads in order to stop non-residence of Pine Ridge from using the roads coming and going to the Suncoast Highway via Pine Ridge Blvd. at the entrance/exits off of CR 486.  The committee members had discussions with the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), State FDOT and Florida Turnpike Enterprise and they are aware of our concerns of more traffic, noise, accidents, speeders and crime into our Equestrian Community of 10,000 acres with 5000 parcels with 29 miles of horse trials that have many crossings across the roads.

The costs to privatize the roads is extremely expensive and the county and the state would probably not approve this action if we took it forward to them. The committee presented the report at the June PRPOA Board meeting and the Board approved the following resolution Not to Proceed with any further action on the road privatization review, but to continue promoting to the BOCC & State Government Agencies not to put the Suncoast Hwy – 486 entrance & exit within 100 yards of the Pine Ridge Blvd. entrance/exit on 486.”

Please see the study below.

Thanks, Jim

Jim Tucker

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