Dear Residents,

Yesterday’s picking by maintenance of the Pine Ridge Boulevard was an eyeopener!  While we have the Civic and others that are in the Adopt-a-road program or private individuals who clean up the roadsides, yesterday on one road alone pick up yielded 17 completely supersized bags of litter. It is important to be mindful of what is placed in the back of a pickup truck as light debris flies out, what can fly out of your window by accident and more. In addition, trash containment is a county ordinance requiring you to place trash in a receptacle and not in plastic garbage bag so that the wildlife can pick it apart, what a mess that makes. We also ask that everyone abide by the speed limit and be cautious while the staff and/or volunteers are out on the roadsides cleaning. I will be reaching out to the trash companies, and the builders to see if we can partner in keeping the roadsides cleaner.

Thank you to the Civic Association and its members, Host Construction, The Boy Scouts local team and those who privately pic the roads; Maggie Case being one of them….. Staff appreciates all of your hard work and it makes a bid difference!

Help us keep your community looking pristine and unique…..

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