The weather today was spectacular, and we hope that there is more to come. If you feel the same, I am done with the rain and we need no more threat from storms and should they form that they stay clear of everyone! With these heavy rains and todays winds, we have reports of several trees down and several trails in need of bush hogging. Trees, we will attend to with either the team or a contractor. Please report downed trees to the following email and any other immediate issues as well. Weather permitting we will be on the trails to maintain their mowing. The trail crossings were mowed, but I am sure with all of the rain and heat we will be back at this one more time this year. Currently, we know of trees down at the purple trail, and that is a very moist area. Therefore, please stay clear of the area, also, trees down and trail overgrowth at #15 & 16, I have great confidence in the team, they have been through this and worse in the past, and once they get the clear days to clean up, you will be enjoying the beautiful trails during the fall and winter once again.

Recently, I have had questions about walking the trails and using a mountain bike on the same. Walking the trails is great exercise, we ask that you follow the rules, if you have a pet, keep them leashed, if you are out on the trails we recommend that you have your cell phone, a copy of the trail map of which is located on this site and it is always nice to walk with a buddy. As for the use of a mountain bike, it is dangerous for all who are involved, a horse coming upon a bike could be frightening, or a rider going fast potentially running into either a horseback rider or walker. Therefore, there are no wheeled vehicles, or motorized. Only Pine Ridge maintenance should be on the trails and we will announce their plans ahead of time.

Thank you for your patience and again stay clear of the areas and turn back if you come upon a down tree.

Gail Denny, CMCA, AMS, LCAM