• Get your votes in either electronically or by paper ballot, if you have not done so already. Voting will close on Friday October 15, 2021, after the special meeting closes. The meeting starts at 10:00 AM. Ballots may be dropped off at the office daily and are held in a secure ballot box until entered by the election committee into the voting system.
  • If you have not received an invitation to vote from VoteHOANOW and you know that you signed up for electronic service on or before the 8th of August, please send an email to manager@pineridgeassn.com
  • Voting: Only one person may vote per property. If you have more than one, you may contact us if they are weighted together to split them. Please do not vote them and ask to split.
  • If you have multiple properties your property may have been weighted in the voting process, which means your one vote counted for as many properties as you own. Check your vote reply, it will tell you or if you look at the voting card it shows your property account numbers and addresses. If you are not sure, please feel free to reach out to the above email for confirmation.
  • Some owners received a paper ballot for one property and electronic for the other, that is because we did not know of multiple properties from a signed form that gave only one address. The form has been updated to provide the number of properties that the electronic process should apply to.
  • Once again, the office received paper ballots of those who had an email on the management system, and the electronic ballots were voted already, causing the paper to be void. If you received a paper ballot, and an invitation to vote electronically, please consider executing the electronic service form on the main page of the Pine Ridge website to streamline services for future processes, this will save you money, time and reduce the association costs for printing and mailing.
  • To everyone who has voted and sent in thank you responses as well as recommendations, we appreciate your input.

Thank you,

Gail A. Denny, LCAM, AMS, CMCA