Over the past couple of months, the Board of Directors has been actively investigating the electronic voting process. The reasons are clear, it is a clean process, it is easy to use once you agree to the process, the savings can be thousands and those funds could be used for updates or additions with to your amenities. The process of signing up is simple, and while the Board continues to investigate the proper company for the association’s needs, please consider signing your account up by going to the MY HOA dropdown on this website and selecting the Register/Pay Dues tab, the rerouted site will ask you to register your information, once done, we will approve your registration and you will have this account for as long as you are the property owner of record. Not only can you look at your account, you may look at any correspondence on the same and many more capabilities will be forthcoming.

If you have any questions email me at Manager@pineridgeassn.com

Thank you,