Pete Cuccaro

During the summer there was a quiet transition from Jim Tucker to myself regarding the Roads Committee. We should all be thankful for the many volunteer hours logged by Jim while also meeting with local officials at the state and county level. His list of contacts and the history he shared regarding the Suncoast II allowed a smooth transition.

Jim was perfect for the job as much of his career was coordinating major projects in what I reference ‘a previous life’. He was the right man at the right time, for sorting through the maze of probabilities regarding the Suncoast II, Phase 2 Design. Since then there have been significant positive developments.

As this is being written the Pine Ridge HOA is working closely with the Citrus BOCC(Board of County Commissioners) and their representatives to MCORES(The Florida Department of Transportation Suncoast Task Force) in relocating the planned Suncoast II interchange/terminus from CR 486 (W Norvell Bryant Hwy) altogether. From their perspective the originally planned terminus of SR589 (Sun Coast Parkway) at US19 in Red Level has always been the better option. While regrettably there would be no change regarding properties already in the Suncoast II crosshairs, we have been pointing to the expected safety concerns and negative impact caused by ever increasing commuter traffic. The road system within Pine Ridge is a natural shortcut to and from all points north if an entrance/exit at CR486(W Norvell Bryant Hwy) is realized. This would only become more severe through the years. We are preparing language for an email blast to select elected leaders from individual residents and/or property owners. It will be set up with discussion language and instructions and should be forwarded by you on or about October 27, 2020. A best case scenario is their inboxes receive the same language in advance of the final roll up report due to Governor DeSantis November 15, 2020.

Stay tuned for updates on the website as this new development is evolving almost week to week.