If you require assistance with paying by credit card or if your statement has a prior balance please contact the office at 352-746-0899 

Use the drop down arrow below to select your payment amount.

In order to insure proper payment add your five digit account number or the site address on the second address line at check out.

Paying by credit card through the Pay Pal system is optional and administrative costs are added to the total.

For Example if your fees are $95.04 annually then you would select dues 1.

No Refunds will be processed.

You may pay by check or money order by mailing to the address on your statement.

Wires are accepted fees apply; contact the office for proper routing instructions. If you have any questions please email www. manager@pineridgeassn.com

NEW! An alternative payment method is now being offered through the software and the bank; please click on the following link below it will be available after 1.2.2020:



Thank you

Annual Dues

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