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Updated as of 10/16/19

Dear Neighbors,

To everyone in the Pine Ridge family, it is with the heaviest of hearts that I must tell you that your Treasurer, MaryAnn Smith, has passed way. On October 11th after her long battle with cancer, she died at her home surrounded by family and close friends. Pine Ridge has lost a true champion, our Board has lost a valuable member, and I have lost a close and dear friend.

Over the years, MaryAnn has been an outspoken voice in the community. She could always be counted on to lead the fight whenever Pine Ridge was being taken advantage of or weakened from within. Though many times she was vilified and attacked personally for her opinions and views, she was always steadfast in her fight to improve this truly unique community.

MaryAnn served Pine Ridge in many capacities since moving here. Among them, she was our Barn Manager, served on the Equestrian committee, and devoted three terms on the Pine Ridge Board of Directors. As a dedicated member of the Equestrian community, she was always looking for ways to improve this important Pine Ridge feature. MaryAnn strived to work with our entire community toward the common goal of making Pine Ridge the one place everyone could look up to. Although her methods were sometimes a bit questionable, there can be no denying she truly loved this community and was willing to risk everything to ensure its success. In the end, she truly gave her life for Pine Ridge.

Please join me in expressing our sincerest sympathy to her husband, Tim, and to her children, TJ and Becky. We hope the days ahead become easier and that the memories of her will forever be happy ones.

I close this tribute by saying “Thank you” to her family for sharing MaryAnn with us these many years. Now, rest in Peace, MaryAnn, our true and faithful friend. The community will never forget you.

Thank you, Mike McCoy



Updated on November 2, 2019 

Dear Owners,

As you may know it has been very busy around here with events; the community wide yard sale, and welcome event were a huge success. The Halloween in the Park event was new but well attended, and I have ideas for next year. What I really am pleased to report is the new cloud based CINC software that we will be going live with on January 1, the use of this software brings the office many capabilities, and to you the owners as well. Once set up you will be able to create your own sign up feature to access your account, pay on line directly to the same and much more. If you currently pay through your banking bill pay, you will want to make sure you change the address as it is shown on the statement. Statements for 2020 annual dues will be mailed to you on or about 12/11/19. Please note payments sent in early will not clear the bank until after the 1st of January, since posting to the new system must wait until we have gone live. The Board is looking into a new fresh look for the interior of the Community Center, color, decor and accent ideas and bids are already in progress. The tennis courts will be on schedule for resurfacing with the few repairs that are needed by February 2020. Many requests for Pickle Ball have again sparked interest, and we are looking into marking a court for double play. If you are interested, please make it known to the office  by writing an email to the manager@pineridgeassn.com

Sadly, MaryAnn Smith recently passed away, this left her a seat open on the board. John Hyde who was the runner up in this past election stepped up to fill it and to assist the Board. MaryAnn will be missed, she did a terrific job and had many great ideas. John who has served the ADC as Chairman and as a member, I am sure will carry on the good work she tried to put forth, and she would have only wanted what was best for Pine Ridge as I believe he does as well. 

It is time for my quarterly review of the community. If you do not like to hear from me, then take a step back and look at your property. It is easy to do things that may not be exactly what is appropriate with your restrictions. However, these issues are easily resolved if you do not let things go or stack up. 

Below are some of the common issues:

  • Political or Signage
  • Over sized for sale signs
  • Overgrown hedges or dead trees 
  • Heavy growth of weeds in landscape beds
  • Tall weeds in yards
  • Barking Dogs, off leash, and cleaning up after dogs while on walk (#1 complaint)
  • Soiled or fencing in poor repair
  • Soiled Roof or Driveway
  • Paint on home in poor repair

As many of you may know, most all of the above are governed by the Deed Restrictions. I will make a first attempt to reach out to you by telephone should any of the above apply to you. Sending a letter is always my last effort. Barking dogs, dogs off the leash, and cleaning up after your pet is a county ordinance and for the safety of all including the pet must be on a leash, especially at the community complex. As for clean up this is a matter of respect as well as an ordinance, if you need to read the ordinance just scroll down and click on the same. Dogs bark and that is their job to alert you. However, if a dog is left out and unattended for hours at a time, this could create a nuisance for neighbors. Please make sure your pets are secure and are not barking endlessly, your neighbors will be better for it. 

I would like to remind everyone that we encourage you to keep your current mailing address and or phone number on file with the office. You will find an address change form on the Community Forms Page, click Here or may send an email to the office at  Manager@pineridgeassn.com Keeping your data current helps us to assist you with many needs throughout the year.

Please remember to submit application for the following: New home, re-roof of a home, new pool, fencing and any exterior changes as well as an addition of an accessory unit. If you are repainting your home even if it is the same color, an application needs to be reviewed and approved. The paint colors are located on this site under the forms page and the book is in the Pine Ridge office.

f you would like to become a volunteer, contact the office or send an email to:Manager@pineridgeassn.com.

Thanks for using the Pet Registration it is voluntary process, we have many pets that are either lost or found. You are not required to do this, but if your pet is lost we will have their information on file. Having their information may assist you in locating them. I am always available to board members and can view the data from anywhere if needed.  So please feel free to fill out the form, under comments ask to keep your phone and email confidential, we will always be the point of contact between the parties. Click Here to register your pet.

This office holds the official records of the association; we are always here to assist you should you need information. We strive to provide you with the facts. Please contact us at 352-746-0899 or by email if you have any questions and we will do our best to assist you.

The barn is a friendly environment and a very nice amenity; currently we have 14 horses.  Diane Plath is a fantastic barn manager and continues to do a fine job!

We continue to welcome new residents, assist all others who are in need of submitting applications to the Architectural Design Committee and those who have general questions about the community. Currently the community has 3,077 homes built or under construction. 

As a friendly reminder, please refer to the covenants for direction on all matters concerning your property or call the office for assistance. To access the recorded deed restrictions Click Here.  We also have applications and various forms and policy posted on the community forms page Click Here to access that page. Please review the monthly Manager Reports. If you have any questions concerning your community or contact me at any time at Pineridge2@mindspring.com

To view county pet ordinances CLICK HERE

The Civic Association events continue….. Check on the News and Reviews page for details.

Communication is an essential key to our success. Therefore, in order for this team to serve your needs properly we need to hear from you! Please send comments and suggestions to us on how we can serve you better. This office strives to supply optimum service to the community owners. We do work at the pleasure of the board, but we are also here Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30 to assist with your questions and concerns.  Please feel free to send an email  Manager@pineridgeassn.com

It continues to be a pleasure to serve as your community association  and web manager. I am pleased to be here for 13 years at your service! Your support for the team is appreciated. Happy Holiday Season. Please continue to send us your comments and suggestions to Manager@pineridgeassn.com

Lost and Found:  If you have lost or found something, please check the site here LOST AND FOUND or email your posting requests Manager@pineridgeassn.com Sending photos is always helpful.


Gail A. Denny, LCAM, CMCA, AMS

Licensed Community Association Manager

Certified Manager of Community Association

Association Management Specialist


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