Coming up we have two events that are important to Pine Ridge.  First on Thursday, July 28th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.  The Pine Ridge Civic Association is hosting a Candidate’s Forum for the five  people running for the two openings on the County Board of Commissioners.  The second is  a Town Hall scheduled for Tuesday, August 2, at 6:00pm to address and inform Residents about the Suncoast’s impact as well as a developer’s proposals on the area just north of Norvell Bryant and west of the YMCA bordering Pine Ridge.

The first event deals with making choices about electing two new members to the Board of County Commissioners who will probably be voting on the decisions that will impact the outcomes on the future of the land we’ll be discussing at the second event, the Town Hall.

A large showing of our residents will drive home the point that Pine Ridge is either the largest or the second largest community is Citrus County.  We are approaching 3,400 homes and are home to over 5,000 plus eligible voters. This is Pine Ridge’s opportunity to let these candidates know the folks of Pine Ridge would like to have our needs addressed:

  • Currently most of the roads in Pine Ridge are rated “in need” of resurfacing.
  • The new Suncoast exit is going to bring additional commercial and residential density around and possibly within Pine Ridge.
  • Two of the possible Turnpike routes run just north of Hampshire Blvd. If used, the exit placement along those routes could negatively impact Pine Ridge.

The Town Hall is addressing more immediate concerns for some, but will provide information on plans that will impact all of Pine Ridge in the long run.  As you may already know, Gulf to Lakes over the past several years has been under a mutually agreed upon condition of use for the 147-acres of land that borders 486, (Norvell Bryant), spans up to the YMCA, and connects to land/ parcels up to rear of homes fronting Ranger and Tampico Rd.  Currently, this land is under contract for purchase by the Dix Corporation, and it is important that the Board provides you with all details pertaining to future development in the area.  The Town Hall will include what we know about the developer’s proposals as well as a presentation on the probable impact of the Suncoast exit and the commercial development likely to follow.   At this meeting we will also  be looking for input from you as we work to mitigate the impact to your area of Pine Ridge.

All of these things together may work to change the character of our community.   While we’re not going to stop them, we do have an opportunity to mitigate the impact and influence land use decisions to get the best outcomes for Pine Ridge. 

But to do that, we need clout with the people making the decisions on spending, land use and zoning.  That’s the purpose of the Forum to get the new Commissioners’ attention. This is our opportunity to let them know that Pine Ridge counts, that we’re paying attention, and if they want our votes, they need to take care of our needs. 

Let’s fill the Community Center on Thursday, July 28, from 4:00 to 6:00pm , and send a message,  if you want our votes, tell us how you will earn them.   Also be there on Tuesday, August 2, to learn what’s coming and what options Pine Ridge has. 

John Hyde


Pine Ridge POA