Tennis in Pine Ridge

We have four beautiful courts in Pine Ridge.  There is no fee to use them as residents!

( Other communities do have fees​!)

To play on our courts, you need to get the code from the office and they will let you know how to work the lock system.
A men’s group plays every day except Sundays.  There are various women’s groups that also play Tuesday through Friday.
If you are a seasoned player, you can just call me at (352) 464-0554 and we can try and see where you could fit in. 
If you are a beginner, you probably should look into some lessons with an available local coach. I have names available.
There are calendars at each court site on a bulletin board.  These people have reservations which come from me.  If there is a
time not reserved and you wish to play, feel free to do so.  On the upper courts there is a practice wall if you do not have anyone to play with.  Some times in the summer, a reservation doesn’t get used.  Our rules say that if no one is on the court even with a reservation, you just have to wait 15 minutes and then  you can use that court. . 
We have two ladies; leagues which play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  They will restart in October.  However, some teams may be practicing before that.
We also have a coach for kids who can come to our courts if needed.  Tennis is such a fun sport and excellent exercise. We hope to see more people enjoying it.
On Wednesday, September 26th, we will have our annual Tennis Committee meeting at the Pine Ridge Community center in the Fireside lounge starting at 2p.m. We Welcome all to attend.
Marilyn Butler, Tennis Chair 352-464-0554

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