The Proposed Refined Deed Restriction Survey


 Open Survey Date June 17-July 1st, 2021


The Pine Ridge Board and the Pine Ridge Deed Restriction Committee has been working over 2 years to create the new Refined Proposed Deed Restrictions that will be up for referendum soon. Included in this process has been 4 town halls, multiple survey’s and other information gathering processes has allowed the Committee to reformulate the Proposed Refined Deed Restrictions into the excellent document that will be up for referendum. 

We believe this is a huge step forward for our neighborhood and later this month the potential referendum will be put before the board for potential execution. If they move forward with the referendum the community will vote on approving these approximately 60 days later. 

Referendum’s can be expensive to execute so as part of the information put forth to the board we would like to know your intentions on voting positively for the future referendum. 


The following documents covers the differences between old Deed Restrictions and the Proposed Refined Deed Restrictions.

Through both the 2 Town Halls and responses to surveys we believe there are 2 issues that may cause property owners to vote no on the referendum to update our Deed Restrictions. 

  • Presale compliance Inspection
    • Today when new potential Owners are buying a property in Pine Ridge they requested a Estoppel from Pine Ridge.It verifies that the current owner is paid up in full and there is no debt to the association. This does not verify that there are any compliance issues with the property
    • The new deed Restrictions have added a compliance check to this process
    • The reason the committee felt this was needed was to protect neighbors from previous owners leaving out items that are out of compliance which would be unfair to neighbors. It also protects new owners letting them know that there are no issues. 
    • Others at the town hall were concerned that this was invasive or may halt a sale. 
  • Detached In-Law quarters
    • Residents have requested the rights to build up to a 1200 sq foot detached in-law quarters on properties for potential elderly families. 
    • Concerns have been raised regarding the ability to limit who uses those properties and verification of proper use. 

Therefore we are also surveying to ensure we have the pulse of property owners on these 2 issues.  Please respond to the following questions as well to allow us to adjust the proposed deed restrictions to the will of the majority

Please respond to the following questions allowing the board to know whether we are ready to move forward with this referendum. This survey will be open till July 1st, 2021