Presidents Message

John Hyde

Updated as of 5/25/2022

I’d like to thank the new Board for having the faith and trust in me to elect me to lead.  I will be working this year to continue to be a credit to their decision.  This will be the fourth version of the Board I’ve served on.  Each year I’ve served the Board has changed, new people or  people serving in different roles.  One common theme has been progress.  We’ve become a more proactive Board, trying to predict and address issues in advance.  But we still have progress to make.

I expect a challenging year for Pine Ridge.  We have many issues to deal with, within the community as well as in the surrounding area.   The obvious are the Suncoast, the Turnpike Extension  and the potential for an adverse situation arising from the Golf Course property.   Not so obvious are the commercial and residential density changes that will be coming around and within  Pine Ridge.  With growing  population many of the commercial sites within the community become more attractive for development and businesses.  And like all of you, the Association is facing an increasing cost of doing business in  both supply and labor.

Tonight’s Agenda reflects items to be both proactive in the future and catch up on the past.  Due to Covid we were unable to have two important functions over the last two years and we’ll be trying to catch up.  The Welcome to Pine Ridge and Volunteer’s Luncheon events are normally annual events that have been postponed.  Both events are important to the community.   One to welcome and provide orientation to our large number of new Residents.  The second to say Thank You  to all the volunteers that share the work and contribute to the governing of our community.

Looking to the future we will discuss two new committees that deal with upcoming issues.  The “External Affairs” committee will monitor local government activities, zoning changes and developer actions and advise the Board on potential impacts to Pine Ridge.  Also on the Agenda is the creation of a “Finance Committee” whose task will be to tackle the fiscal issues facing the POA in the future.

Committees in any organization are where the detailed work gets done.  It’s also an opportunity to get an introduction to the internal workings of the POA and understand why things are done the way they are.  We are fortunate here in Pine Ridge to have a very successful and skilled group of people from a variety of backgrounds.  Let this serve as an invitation to become involved, we’re especially looking for people with backgrounds in local government, accounting/finance, human resources and property/casualty insurance.  You would have an opportunity to make a contribution to Pine Ridge, meet new friends  and to work with a great group of people.

If you have an interest in serving you can contact the POA Manager or one of the Officers on the Board.   If not please sign up for “Stay In Touch”.  This will help you stay informed on the issues and be able to participate in Community Surveys.  Please attend Board Meetings and Town Halls and get the information from the source.  This year we’ll be working to increase the flow of information to Residents and your feedback will be important to us.