Presidents Message

John Hyde

Updated as of 10/5/22
We dodged a bullet. But for an early cold front pushed south by the freakish drop of the Jet Stream, we could be looking like Lee county.

I’d like to recognize the Pine Ridge Staff.  Pine Ridge has a  Hurricane Preparedness Plan and under Gail Denny’s leadership it was well executed. As a result, the POA’s assets were well protected had the storm come ashore here. And even if it didn’t seem so, we were much closer than some think.

To the many new Residents in Pine Ridge who prepared well, then nothing really happened, don’t let this experience make you complacent in the future.  The folks in Lee county who reside about the same distance from the Gulf as Pine Ridge still experienced winds of over 100MPH.  While our elevations are higher with no real threat of storm surge, we have trees.  Our blessing of trees most of the time becomes a curse in a bad windstorm.  It’s the falling trees that take out the power lines and punch holes in roofs.   Making what is usually one of our biggest assets our Achilles Heel in a hurricane.   Make sure you keep them properly trimmed.

In the future please don’t become complacent.  Prepare just as well each time a threat is near.  Because, when you say “I’m not doing that again, it’ll miss us”, that could be when It will come get you.  Ask your neighbors in Pine Ridge that lived in Miami-Dade and went through Hurricane Andrew, they’ll have some stories.

Hopefully, with Fall seeming to be here, our threat of hurricanes is over for this year.