Each of the Pine Ridge Committee’s as well as documentation for each committee can be found here









Register Account and Dues Payment

In order to enable dues payments for our members a special portal has been setup to enable you to see Invoices, past payments and pay bills that are due. Instructions are included on the site on how to register and get access to your homeowner information. However, if paying past due and after March 31, contact the office for instructions.


Pet/Horse Registration

We want to make sure our Pets are taken care of here at Pine Ridge. As part of this process we ask everyone in the community to please register their pets here in case they get lost or for other issues regarding these key. Below please find the Pine Ridge Pet Registration Process






Deed Restrictions

One of the responsibilities of the Pine Ridge board is to establish and enforce Deed Restrictions for the communities. The Architecture Design Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving applications based on our deed restrictions.  Instructions on applying for approval are provided here.  The following are the current approved Deed Restrictions for Pine Ridge as well as a Inquiry form that can be used to ask questions regarding the policies. Please check out the F.A.Q which answers a lot of questions regarding the Deed Restrictions for our community



Buying Land or Home or Building a Home in Pine Ridge

Think about become a member of our community? Thats great! We are looking forward to having you here. The following are documents related to the process. Please check the F.A.Q  and the Applying for Approval Instructions.regarding the process. Also, Check out the Important Contact and information for our Pine Ridge Residents which gives a list of contacts for all major suppliers for our Homeowner’s. If you are a Real Estate Agent we have created a SPECIAL FAQ just for you! – Please check it out here





Thinking about making a change to your property

As owners in Pine Ridge our properties have rules and regulations around what we are allowed to do on each of the properties. Please review the FAQ and Applying for Approval Instructions and also the Architecture Committee (Committee pages) for policies and procedures for making changes.






Leasing/Renting out your home

Pine Ridge Property Owner’s Association, lnc is charged with accepting application (s) from the property owner who is wishing to lease their home as per section 2.04 of the Pine Ridge Declaration of Restrictions. Additionally, the board referred to herein as the “board” has the authority to conduct a background check on all potential tenants or occupants as well as collect data as stated in the Deed restrictions to insure the appropriateness of the rental, and its terms.

The board directs management to seek a background check through Researcher’s Associates, lnc. using their form. The cost for each adult person’s background check is $60.00; this fee will be waived if the following conditions are presented: 1) an applicant is already a owner of property within pine Ridge Estates and/or is having their home built 2) a full nationwide criminal background check is rendered to the association by the property owners managing agent. The board charges management with the ability to make approvals, unless management finds that they are unable to complete this process with the information that was provided. lf the application is referred to the board, it will be reviewed within 60 days of the initial submission to the office. The board will follow all applicable guidelines for approval as stated under 2.04 (1-8) in the Deed Restrictions.

Once approved the rental application adopted by the board will be used and both the owner and tenant (s) will have to participate with executing and returning the application along with executed lease agreement. Please check out the F.A.Q for specific questions. For Real Estate Agents please check out our Special FAQ for you!




The Pine Ridge Community Complex

The Pine Ridge Community Complex is managed and operated by the Pine Ridge HOA organization. The following are the Policies and rules that govern the use of the center.

The Pine Ridge Board and Board Meetings

The Pine Ridge HOA Board is elected once a year and serves as the elected body of representatives who make the final decisions for the organization. You can see a list of members under Key Contacts. Meetings are held at the community center and are once a month. All Community members are welcome to attend.

  • The schedules for upcoming meetings is included below.
  • Board Meetings are at 6:00 PM in the Community Center with the schedule below. 
  • Upcoming and Past Agendas as well as Past Meeting minutes can be found here


Financials for Pine Ridge have limited access for Members of Pine Ridge.

To get the passwords to access each of these please contact the Pine Ridge office

2021 Pine Ridge Financials

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