Managing PRPOA Costs

One of the larger non- personnel annual on-going expenses for the POA is our mailing expense. Due to Florida Statutes, many of these mailings to residents are not optional.
Each year there are on average four bulk mailings: invoices for POA dues, the annual meeting /election mailing and two newsletters. Each item is mailed to 4911 property owners in Pine Ridge. Each mailing averages $4,900 or $19,600 annually. And as postage costs increases, this expense increases. The last cost increase in postage raised costs by $900.
In 2021, we will have our four regular mailings plus an additional referendum on the new deed restrictions. Due the regulatory requirements, a standard mailing for the referendum will cost upwards of $15,000. This is in addition to the expected $19,600 normally spent. All these mailings are mandated by Florida Statues all at our expense.

To mitigate these expenses, the Board is investigating an electronic communication and voting strategy. If adopted 100% by the residents we could lower our annual mailing and voting expense to less than $5,000. While we know that e-mail and electronic voting will not be everyone’s cup of tea, we also know there is a large number in Pine Ridge who already use electronic media. For instance, Pine Ridge has approximately 2,600 residents on “Next-door”. If just that group of people signed up for electronic voting and communications, it could save over $18,000 in 2021.
If you are already using paperless statements for your personal accounts and doing online banking this will be an extremely easy transition for you to make. For those residents that do not or feel they cannot make the switch, we will still be sending regular mail.
How can I help cut Pine Ridge’s expenses?
• Register your HOA Account. Go to  Register your account
• Sign the electronic notice allowing you to participate in Electronic Voting instead of paper – Electronic Service Form or print a copy of the form here and drop it buy the office
• Sign-up for “Stay in Touch” to receive timely communications from the POA. Go to Stay in Touch to sign up click at the top of the main webpage Stay In Touch.
• Once electronic voting is rolled out sign up to participate.
As things evolve additional communication will go out to residents.


John Hyde, Director
For and on Behalf of the Board of Directors