Mark your Calendars for the First Meeting of the Pine Ridge Shooters Club!

Tuesday Nov 10th, 2020  6:30-8:00pm

Pine Ridge Community Center

5690 W Pine Ridge Blvd, Pine Ridge, FL 34465

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In October, the Pine Ridge Board of Directors approved the formation of a new club in Pine Ridge called “The Pine Ridge Shooters club”.

This club will be a social organization that brings together Pine Ridge Homeowners and Friends of Pine Ridge Homeowners who have a common interest in collecting or shooting a variety of firearm types, for their own enjoyment, and who are interested in promoting the safe use of firearms in general. The club will provide a forum for its members to share their enjoyment of firearms and shooting, and be a clearing house for information relating to shooting events in the Central Florida area.

The club does not sponsor or support any one event or shooting discipline over another. The club will provide  educational opportunities for shooters relating to firearm safety and licensing, firearms training, care and maintenance, swap-type get-togethers, and a social atmosphere where members can “talk guns & shooting” and other mutual interests. The club will hold meetings at the Pine Ridge Community Center but all shooting events will be held offsite of Pine Ridge. Per the PRPOA, this group will not support or promote Gun use at Pine Ridge.


The Pine Ridge Shooters club is a member led organization and actual activities will be governed and implemented based on the wishes of the Organization.

Some anticipated activities include
1. Monthly meetings with speakers around shooting topics
2. Shooting League (Conducted at Public Ranges in the North Central Florida Area)
3. Instructional Shoots (Conducted at Public Ranges in the North Central Florida Area)
4. Competitions (Conducted at Public Ranges in the North Central Florida Area)
5. Bulk Ammunition Program
6. Lending Library
7. Classified ads for members only
8. Swap Meets
9. Sub Groups (Example)
a. Womens club
b. Skeet shooting
c. Rifle shooting
d. Etc.

Organizational Structure

The Pine Ridge Shooters club was initially Proposed by Mike Perry and Keith Landers but that actual leadership and management structure will be determined by election after the 2nd or 3rd meeting.


Register Today For the Club and the Meeting!